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Animal Sounds and Pictures

Click on an animal's picture and listen to its sound.

Lowing cow: moo
Lowing cow: sss
Mewing cat: meow
Roaring lion: raa
Barking dog: waf
Roaring tiger: grr
Singing blue bird: cheep
Crowing rooster: cock-a-doodle-doo
Barking sea lion
Trumpeting elephant: baraag
Screaming monkey
Clucking chicken hen: cluck cluck
Bleating goat: naa
Squealing pig: wee wee
Heighing horse: heigh
Braying donkey: hee haw
Bleating lamb: baa
Hooting owl: hoo hoo
Howling wolf: owooooo
Chirping cricket
Gabbing duck: quack quack